Production Update: June ☀️

Production Update: June ☀️

Here is your monthly update! We received our new samples (game, expansion pack, sleeves, and playmats) from one of our manufacturers about a week ago and gave notes about what to fix before mass production. We are also waiting on samples from two other manufacturers because we weren't satisfied with the quality of the cards and box. We want to make sure our game is the best quality for our customers! 

  • Games, expansion pack, sleeves, & playmats: We received the samples and gave notes to our manufacturer. We are waiting for samples from other manufacturers to compare because we weren't completely satisfied with the quality of the box and cards. They look good in photos but don't feel as high-quality as we want. With that said, mass production should begin around early July and, according to the manufacturer, we are still on schedule to send out orders by October 2022.
  • Reversible plush toys: Shipped to us; waiting to receive.
  • Tote bags: Already received! 
  • Enamel pins: Already received! 
  • Sticker sheets: Already received! 
  • Vinyl stickers: Already received! 

Bonus content~ here's a tiktok showcasing some of our items. We wish we could speed up the process to have our game in your hands as soon as possible. However, we want perfection 😅 Most people may not notice how an image is off by 1mm or how the color may be slightly cooler compared to our design files. However we notice and we want the best for you all. We hope you're still as excited as we are about the game!

Sincerely, Alice & Jessica 

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