How to Play: Not So Neighborly

Watch our short video on how to play "Not So Neighborly"

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Here are some FAQs (more to be added)

Q: Do the pre-existing Attack cards (Crime, Fire) on buildings get retroactively resolved when a Protect card (Neighborhood Watch, Fire Station) is played?

A: No, the pre-existing Attack cards (Fire, Crime) stay until a Fixer Upper is played! However your neighborhood will be protected moving forward as long as you have the Protect card actively played in your neighborhood.  


Q: Does “Petty Neighbor” stop and negate an attack card, or does the card take place after the attack? 

A: Petty Neighbor does not stop and negate an attack card, but rather it is an act of retaliation. You can discard any card in the player’s neighborhood after the attack. 


Q: When "Party Animal" (part of the expansion pack) is played, does the chosen player have to give up a card from their hand or neighborhood?

A: For Party Animal the player gives up a card from their hand, not from their neighborhood. 


Q: When forced to discard a building due to the Discard card, can it be one that has been attacked?

A: When you're forced to discard a building, it can be one that has been attacked. Why? Since if it's a 3 point card, you may want to keep that card in the hopes of getting a Fixer Upper card!


Q: When “It’s Getting Serious” card is drawn, does it count as your turn? 

A: ​​For “It's Getting Serious" it does not count as your turn so you can take your turn once you've drawn and revealed that card.


Q: Can you trade a building in your neighborhood that's been attacked for a building in another neighborhood that hasn't been attacked?

A: Yes, you can trade a building that’s been attacked for another building that hasn’t been.

Q: Does the "Party Animal" card allow you to choose from the other player's hand or neighborhood? If it is from the hand can you look at the whole hand or is it random?
A: You can look at the player’s hand and choose which card you want to keep.

Q: If a neighborhood has a fire station, will that protect it from a fireworks accident?
A: No, it does not protect from fireworks accidents.