About Us

Our Story

FamBam Games was founded by two sisters who loved playing games and spending time together. During the pandemic, the two sisters had a lot of time on their hands and spent most of their time playing various tabletop games with their family. Their ages ranged from as little as 7 to late 50's so it was difficult to find an engaging game that was fun to play and easy to understand for everyone. This inspired the two sisters to create their own game - Not So Neighborly! With a team of 2 sisters, it has been a challenging yet rewarding journey thus far. 

Our mission is to create engaging games for everyone to play together. We hope our games bring families and friends together for a fun night at the kitchen table.  Thank you to all who have been supporting us and we will continue to bring you fun games for everyone to enjoy. 


Meet Our Founders 


                     Alice Hong                                              Jessica Hong